19 . brown dwarf . misery inc.
written by Boll3t

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Welcome to Misery inc.
Where one makes a scene
When inclined to think
Welcome to Misery inc.

The first request is energy
Donate your time
For pointless pursuits
Emptiness we guarantee

Choose wisely your companies
If one is too kind
We poison his mind
It’s always a show when you bleed

We are running for so long
We need the candles lit
Your pain makes them strong
You were born for this

We need you to walk the line
Paper works fine
And the soul by your side
Tricks to keep you quiet and tied

When all is going too well
Comes a second face
For those who you trust
We profit when there’s living hell

If your big dream is right away
A new riddle comes
Now you try and solve
Fast rejection on the way

Misery’s our business and we’re good
We insist that you try
We feed from your demise
Until the day you die

Welcome to Misery inc.
Stay till you sink
Don’t you dare to try
To escape from Misery inc.








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