17. taurus . mia san mia
written by Boll3t / Diego De Toni

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A very long line
Of dreamers like myself
All victims of the fear

That I leave full of scars
They contaminate my mind
I don’t know any other kind
Dreaming to be
The symbol of resistance

We’ll resist till the end

We are proud of who we are
The unlikely jungle star
Your knock-out is just a start
My road was hard
and that set us apart

Of preachers on the train
Foreseeing our downfall
Like we’re cloning insanity
The country boy
Is still aiming at the stars

To run away from here
This god’s forsaken place
To prove the world I can win
Don’t sleep
They’d love to watch us fall

We will stand till we die

We are proud of who we are
The outcasts no one believes
We are angry and
We’ll show them we can fly

Waiting for something
That won’t happen here
So we represent
Those who are
born nowhere and
after all still stand!

I’m not
Not afraid!!
We are
We are

There’s no miracle around here





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