16. brightness . cxs
written by Boll3t / Mark

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Everything here feels so wrong
Like I was born in other planet
Toxic air that poisons you
Breathing the most pure narrow thoughts

Blistering minds are choking me

Walking in circles through this place
10 years from now they’ll stay the same

They proudly call this prison home
All blind inside the dome
Convenience blurred their sight so hard

I’ve always knew I had to go
How could I take so long?
Roaming right where I don’t belong

It’s a pretty girl with a bad intention
It’s the farthest dot of the real map
A jail built with golden bars but
Even with gold it’s still a jail

They told me I wouldn’t breathe outside

I’ve tried to resist but I don’t fit in
If I was clever I’d run

A jail built with golden bars
Regardless locking you inside

All attempts to resist will be burned













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