14. venus . cabaret beat
written by Boll3t

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In a southern freezing town
One minute to crack you down
Following the herd of cows
You are choosing not to speak
In your frantic search for fame
Trying to take a taken place
On the light of some pub stage
Shit faced again

Cabaret beat one day takes its toll
But it’s so slow
Cabaret rhythm grooves while they dance
You dance

You give they shake
For coins your soul fades

When plan B becomes mainstream
Failure is unavoidable
They smell any trace of fear
And hook you with their shiny bait
Your sold your soul to the devil
And you’re never get it back
Some are shaking to remember
Some to forget

This kind of gold you can’t buy back
Price is too high
Burned all your stack

The empty dress that flirts with you
Sexy dance so teasing
Grooving like a bitch
Trapping and misleading (you)
Hot bare bends under the sheets
Another sip of golden drink
The bounty of the set list
In Kansas you sleep

Cabaret beat again takes its toll
Burns one dream per show
Cabaret rhythm grooves while they dance
Burying songs in snow

The rhythm kills the golden road
Then is all gone




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