12. io . deafening silence
written by Boll3t

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I . Oblivion

Living in reverie to endure
Silence is too loud, there’s no cure

II. Turbulence

Screaming and clouding my mind
It’s so loud, I can’t dream
Dragging me to the real world
I just wanted to sleep

It takes time to break a mind from a deep coma

I try to shout, I’m unable
I see lies and repetition
Anger and competition
To me they’re all the same

Silence is deafening
Raise your voice

A dark haired boy
Son of Kentucky
In a room cloning Youtube
He wants to revolutionize
Selling rocks as ice

Lack of information get acclaim levels so fucking high

They are infinite repeat
Rebuilding theories
So inspiring this
Meal masterpiece

Raise your voice, don’t repeat
Or don’t disturb my reverie NO

III . Reverie

Comfort the disturbed - disturb the comfortable
Listen but don’t interfere

Picture your world
Breathe at your pace
Get high on freedom

It’s deafening
Outside my world
I’ll sing my song

IV . Nightmare

Holding rage inside
The voice will burst out
Why is so hard to scream
When you want to explode
There is so much to cope
Too soft or way too hard
Won’t hold the house of cards
They are all blind
They are all deaf
But it’s alright as long as they merge with the mass

V. Awakening

Writing scripts of freedom I watch
Movement without moving myself
Is it worth to fight for them?
Will they wake up in time?
Limited by their poor sight
Mass-production stereotypes
It’s self-suicide
It’s self-suicide

Silence is deafening
The finest torture

VI. Riot

It all erupts when lights fade out
The inner silence is driving me deaf
Dawn of uprising
Must come at once
Rise against silence
For it’s a death sentence

Deafening silence




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