08. phoenix
written by Boll3t

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Every night insomnia crushes my mind
Not a single day goes by
That I don’t seek regret
I am misplaced inside a world
Of which I cannot flee
And the hardest part of this
Is to resist

Can you hear me screaming?
Pleading self-forgiveness
What I’ve done?
Wish I could travel in time
And take another turn

What an awful thing, just sit and rust
Everlasting sorrow lingers
Like a deadly curse
Whoever said “never too late”
Never felt my pain
For the trace of wasted years
Leaves scars and wounds so deep
You cannot heal

Can you hear me screaming?
Fighting self-forgiveness
Now I know
I’ll never turn back time
Trapped in memories

Burned the past
For it’s long gone
Hatch from ash
A new dawn rises up every day

You won’t hear me screaming
Now that I’m forgiven
I dwell in past no more
Now you’ll hear me screaming
As a child
I feel so alive
Starting once again







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