07. regulus . on hold
written by Boll3t

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They’ve been a while on hold
Inert with such delay
Hoping that someone
Will emerge and hit the play

They’re waiting for the bus
For the perfect hour to discuss
Nonplussed as chances go
Waiting for a yes or a no

The clock is ticking fast
To the idle way too slow
How long they’ll wait to go
To avoid this empty flow

Going back and forth
Confused when to move in
In their fear to lose
They’re resigning on winning

Waiting for the rain to stop to rain
So they can board that airplane
Once is hard to go by train 

Resting while they are not ready yet
Checking the latest trending post
Watching people come and go

When in the waiting zone standing still
Even the strongest of us all
One day is bound to fall













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