03. centaurus . enola
written by Boll3t

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They are by your side though you’re walking alone
Try to enjoy the ride but know you walk alone

They don’t move a muscle for you
They make you go slow

Do and you do alone
Wait and you wait alone
Go and you go alone
Walk and you walk alone

You’re walking alone
When you ride with stones

You give all your blood, but you give alone
Sacrifice yourself but know you’re all alone

They expect that you will tow them
While they’re motionless at home
Now the time has come to show
Who’s moving and who will be left away

You’re walking alone
Astound as they drone

Over and over
Same old excuses
Causing permanent bruises
They won’t change
You’re on your own
You will pay the highest price
You will suffer endless nights
When you see they won’t suffice
Run away to avoid your demise

They laugh, you cry
They go, you stay
They live, you die
You go, they stay
You walk alone
You’re all alone
You walk alone
You’re on your own

You’re walking alone
Like you didn’t know
Show them what you’ve got
Show you don’t need them
If that’s the way it got to be
Show them you can do all alone



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